Newtecnic Structural Engineering

First Principles Applied

Newtecnic has engineering expertise, new technology and practices that ensure building projects are completed on time, to budget and with design and engineering methods reasoned from first principles.

Improved Design Outcomes

Assured of the best and most buildable outcomes designers work more efficiently with greater creative confidence.

3D Twin

Developing a cloud hosted 3D digital twin of the proposed structure means structural challenges and issues can be defined and resolved at the earliest project stage.

 Realistic 3D

With 3D digital models everyone gets the picture and can easily and accurately communicate ideas, plans and data across supply and value chains.

Signature Architects

Newtecnic’s technology and methods are often developed for signature architects who challenge traditional engineering convention with dramatic, complex, multi-curved-geometry structures that require new ideas and methods to become realities.

Exciting generative design

Generative design, which automatically creates designs based on function related physics, revolutionizes structural engineering by creating exciting, never before seen geometry that copies nature’s forms to provide optimized solutions.

Proven Engineering Methods

Newtecnic’s industry proven structural engineering methods have been verified across the world in successful partnerships with developers, architects, and building owners and operators.

Junction Physics

New technology that simulates the building and its individual components, as well as the junctions between different elements, leads to better engineered structures.

 Always Buildable, Always Elegant

Skilful manipulation of big data leads to more elegant and robust solutions that are proven to be buildable at the earliest design stage. This reduces risk and cost while accelerating time to completion.

On-site verification

Comparing digital designs with as built condition - throughout the entire project - delivers risk reduction through predictability and assured building performance.

Structural Concept Design and Evaluation

Following investigation and research into problem definition and design requirements, Newtecnic produces and communicates practical, fully simulated, evaluated and feasible structural design solutions.

Detailed Structural Analysis

Highly qualified and experienced engineers using specially formulated algorithms, simulate, understand, calculate and predict, the precise parameters and future behaviour of buildings and their components. This simplifies complexity, leading to optimized designs with known, long term, structural performance.


Newtecnic technology is compatible with all commercially available BIM systems. This facilitates smooth communication and better-informed supply chain decision making through access to highly visual, timely and accurate 3D project data.

 Seismic Design

Using specially developed dynamic algorithms coupled with seismic data provides a thorough understanding of a proposed building’s response to seismic events enabling a physics-based approach to design.

 Blast Design

Understand and mitigate the effects of explosions through digital simulation.

 Design with Composite Materials

Using ultra-realistic simulations to know how different composite materials will perform, and look, leads to better informed choices based on accurate physics, economics and aesthetics.

Risk Reduction

Deploying Newtecnic’s methods and technologies reduces risk by optimizing designs that are based on a thorough and shared understanding of all the forces within and surrounding a project.

Cost Control and Reduction

Optimizing designs through advanced engineering means that true costs are better understood more easily reduced.

Scalable Simulation

Seeing the big picture and the myriad details in context leads to cognition, command and control of the entire project.

The Truth

Using physics to reveal previously hidden data provides better information for decision support today, and into the future, for the entire building lifecycle.

Time Machine

Fast forward through decades to understand and plan for the building’s future.