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Index of Technical Notes:


30. Shadow studies and solar radiation. Example using Ecotect.

31. Solar and daylight analysis. Example using Diva for Rhino.

32. Hygrothermal analysis using Flixo Pro.

33. Condensation (2D) and thermal bridging (3D) analysis for Algiers. Example.

34. U-value (3D), daylight and glare analysis for Grand Theatre of Rabat. Example.

35. HVAC sizing procedure.


36. Design approach at Newtecnic.

37. Design development tools used at Newtecnic.

38. Convergence of facade types into a single assembly without ‘interfaces’.

39. Convergence of facade types in Grand Theatre of Rabat. Example.

40. ‘Overlay’ architectural method and ‘rotation’ engineering method for drawings.

41. Structure of the performance specification and its application as a ‘user manual’.

42. Method for generating wireframe CAD model.

43. Systems, geometry and coordination.

44. Outputs for facade engineering tender package.


45. Rebuilding surfaces in Grasshopper.

46. Exporting models from Rhino to Revit/Navisworks.

47. Not used

48. Structural properties evaluation for wind structural pressure evaluation.

49. Panelization process for complex geometry.

Please note that Newtecnic accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information presented in the technical notes, which are for use at early design stage only.


Technical Note 01. Current Technologies
Technical Note 02. Emerging Technologies:
Technical Note 03. Design Method:
Technical Note 04. Project Management:
Technical Note 05. Analysis Method:
Technical Note 06. Scientific Foundations:
Technical Note 07. Design Implementation:
Technical Note 08. Research Method:
Technical Note 09. The role of Newtecnic on building projects:
Technical Note 11. Current engineering methodologies for integrating design and production:
Technical Note 12. Standard reference texts for design engineering methodology:
Technical Note 13. Facade engineering tasks and outputs:
Technical Note 14. Proof-of-concept design at Newtecnic:
Technical Note 15. Sequence of steps at each design stage:
Technical Note 16. Structural design process:
Technical Note 17. Structural design process. Example using Sofistik:
Technical Note 18. Use of finite element method for stress analysis:
Technical Note 19. Seismic analysis: fast non-linear analysis using SAP 2000:
Technical Note 20. Seismic analysis: multi-linear elastic and plastic links using SAP2000:
Technical Note 21. Seismic analysis: procedure for time-history analysis using Sofistik:
Technical Note 22. Modelling plastic hinges using SAP2000:
Technical Note 23. Automated process for structural analysis of facade panels:
Technical Note 24. Design of connections using adhesives:
Technical Note 25. Design with structural glass:
Technical Note 26. Design assisted by testing:
Technical Note 27. Fatigue testing on connections between steel and GRC:
Technical Note 28. CFD analysis for wind loads and cladding pressures. Example using Comsol.:
Technical Note 29. Wind tunnel testing procedure: