How Newtecnic interacts with clients:

Newtecnic creates building forms that simply do not exist yet.

Newtecnic creates things that simply do not exist yet. We will create the vision, the forms, the technology, the sense of wonder and awe for the building user, and the near-future experience for both you as Client and for the complete project.

How will we interact with you as Client on the project?

Newtecnic will develop an understanding of your business case and we will tailor the design proposal to meet that business case. This understanding will be supported by the research, physical prototyping and testing of construction systems we undertake with partner universities in the US.

Newtecnic will build trust with you as Client, bringing our expertise as doubly-qualified engineer-architects. This trust will be underpinned by the set of engineer-architect textbooks authored by Newtecnic, used in leading universities across the US.

Newtecnic will become an advocate for you as Client, advocating your aims and goals to other stakeholders. This aim will be supported by Client contact being made exclusively with C-Suite officers. We consider your direct contact with the leaders of Newtecnic to be essential, all of whom are engineer-architects; all of whom will be focused on the design and delivery of your project.

Newtecnic sets a high value on repeat Clients, which makes the relationship with you, as Client, a key consideration of the company’s C-Suite. This aim will be achieved with the use of dashboard-style updates on projects, continuously updated for comparison with previous iterations. This aim of a continuing working relationship is an important consideration in working with you.

Newtecnic will make use of experience taken from tech-based industries, including the oil and gas industry. This approach uses cycles of consult-design-deliver-support, linked to the ISO 9001 method of plan-do-check-act. Newtecnic does not use the fixed, linear process of design used by all our competitors. We will work in rapid iterations of design from concept to prototype, based on the Toyota Production Method, adapted for service-based outputs.

The firm will use agile management as part of its method of relating design outputs to physical outputs required in the fabrication and testing of prototype assemblies for structure, facades, roofs, MEP systems, interior assemblies and fitted furniture.

Core messages in this agreement with you as Client

1. As Client, you hire products and services to get job done, so we will aim to get the job done.

2. As Client, you put into place solutions to accomplish distinct steps in getting a job done, so we accomplish those distinct steps.

3. As Client, you use outcomes to evaluate success in getting a job done, so we will aim to evaluate success in getting a job done.

4. As Client, you have distinct needs that relate to the consumption of a solution, so we will aim to identify and meet your needs arising from Newtecnic outputs.

5. We will undertake to provide the following in your project:

• New service innovation

• Core service innovation

• Service delivery innovation

• Supplementary service innovation

Client-focused mission statement that speaks to you

Our client-focused mission statement is as follows:

Our goal is to be the world’s best engineering design house and the firm of choice for our clients and their building users.

We will succeed by meeting the global needs of our clients - both providers and users of buildings, at a level of performance which is exceptional. This commitment to add maximum value will be characterized by extraordinary effort and innovation, and by conducting ourselves with absolute integrity.

We will distinguish ourselves by creating an environment that fosters teamwork and innovation with our clients by developing and utilising our company’s abilities to the fullest by working as a learning organisation.

Use of bid documents in this agreement with you as Client

What the firm provides: Newtecnic has service innovation and technological innovation.

Why the firm provides it: Newtecnic designs highly ambitious projects that are to be constructed at regular prices. This requires new knowledge and understanding to be acquired on every project.

How the firm provides it: Providing the world’s best customer service in engineering and architectural design, as well as providing the highest quality work. We design the world’s most inspiring environments.

Our strategy for building a relationship with you, as Client, is:

1. One-to-one Client interaction with you in a learning relationship.

2. Basing strategy on things that won’t change.

3. Mass customisation to reduce costs of construction.

4. An information dialogue; a fulfilment of outcomes of dialogue, managing capabilities, evaluating performance.

5. An ongoing effort of continuous improvement, following principles of ISO 9001.

6. You, the Client, teaching the company what is needed.

7. The current generation of architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers sets out design requirements only as diagrams and lists of performance requirements. The technologies are not described by the design team. In contrast, Newtecnic begins with its own technologies, a combination of current and emerging technologies for 21st century buildings – design engineering for the 21st century. This thinking is the basis of project management at Newtecnic – the deployment of building technology in a learning relationship with the Client.

8. Newtecnic learns from the supply chain of fabricators and contractors; this same principle extends to you as Client.

9. Newtecnic aims to be always at least two generations ahead of its competitors.

The Newtecnic approach to design

The firm generates near-future architectural visions and bring them to life with its own building technologies.

We brought our own technology to earlier projects, technologies which are set out in each of the Newtecnic-authored textbooks.

What will we output specifically? What, why, how and when?

What? We will provide documentation to obtain a maximum guaranteed price for your project, with a high degree of certainty.

Why? Because a fixed, reliable price is what every Client expects and requires but is rarely achieved. You require this certainty.

How? Through innovation; by building a fully priced digital twin; a 3D model with all the information required to build, while still allowing the contractor to choose their own fabrication/connection method, such as the choice between welding or bolting connections. There will be no missing gaps in the scope between what Newtecnic will provide and what the contractor will need to produce their own shop drawings for fabrication.

When? We will start on your project early, providing a high degree of certainty and detail at an early stage of the project as a result of the extensive research and development conducted by the firm.

Innovation at Newtecnic

The company uses research and development to create a constant supply of innovations to achieve that goal of high quality and guaranteed maximum price with ever greater certainty and an ever higher level of design resolution and beauty.

Research and development tasks will aim to move smoothly between design concepts, strategies and outputs to corresponding inventories of the assemblies and components that will provide a reliable cost at any point during design development.

Newtecnic’s focus? On what you, as Client, are trying to accomplish. 3D models, drawings and specifications will be only tools to help bring about that focus.

The company will aim to minimise the following, in the interests of achieving a high level of project success and Client satisfaction:

• Minimize the time it takes to complete the design-based task.

• Minimize the likelihood of buying more than needed from Newtecnic or the contractor.

• Minimize the total amount paid for both services from Newtecnic and services from the contractor.

Typically, building design services overserve with the number of drawings that serve no specific purpose; they just bulk up an output. Newtecnic does not overserve without benefit to the Client.

Typically, building design services underserve in the depth of design resolution, leading to uncertainty in the costs for constructing the completed design. Newtecnic does not underserve the Client.

What differentiates Newtecnic from its competitors?

Newtecnic is not a regular engineering or architectural consultancy. The firm is an interdisciplinary company that will provide a service to you, as Client, based on engineering design, architectural technology and architectural design. This is a technology-based design house which will provides end-to-end designs for you as Client, at the highest level, beyond the level of resolution of design and cost control provided by all our competitors.

We are ranked No3 in the UK as an engineering design firm. We are also recognised as leaders in near-future architectural design of a high quality. We are establishing a strong presence in the United States, using the methodology that has brought us success elsewhere.

Client-focused investments at Newtecnic

Investments in Newtecnic comprise:

• Cloud computing dispersed exclusively across the US.

• Research and development into new technologies that are applied

in real time on projects.

• Continuous update of university textbooks written by Newtecnic,

published by world-leading architectural publisher Birkhauser.

These investments differentiate us from all our competitors.

Newtecnic cloud computing system and file sharing with you

Outputs on each project are created on a US-based single cloud computing system. Everybody works from a single source file. Each office has a different set of expertise across a wide range of multi-disciplinary, engineering and architecture skills. The offices are linked to major universities that provide the research and development facilities needed by the company to generate an its outputs and offering to you as Client.

A dedicated C-Suite member as active designer for your project

A member of the C-Suite will be dedicated to your project, spending a full five days a week in an active design role in the engineering and architectural design on a specific project. The C-Suite member will direct the engineering and architectural design team of that project. All C-Suite members are architect-engineers. As Client, you will interface directly with highly experienced C-Suite members. Project architects or engineers will report to the C-Suite.

Links to universities for mock-up fabrication and testing

The links to universities from each of the offices provides a means of fabricating mock-ups and testing facilities for innovative connections, panels and typical bays.

The service provided by Newtecnic is differentiated from its competitors by a high level of technical knowledge and skills displayed in the textbooks that the company writes and updates for use in universities across the US. In addition, Newtecnic generates its own technologies for structures and facades.

Interaction through reviews of documentation

The Newtecnic documentation will describe how all assemblies required in a building fit together. This forms the basis of the graphic and drawn outputs required on the project. Key to this description is the junctions and ‘inventory’ (exploded) drawings and renders of connections, smaller than the scale of the ‘typical bay’, or repeated building module. The ‘typical bay’ will form a key componentfor Newtecnic documentation for this project, using the graphic developed for Newtecnic textbooks used in US universities.

The format of Newtecnic textbooks will form the basis for all Newtecnic reports, both in format and in content. The drawing style and arrangement of information in these books will provide the model for sets of project drawings, specifications, schedules, quantities and estimated costs. In addition, AR movie outputs, near-future drawings and specifications as used in Newtecnic textbooks, will be key to communicating the outputs beyond the limitations of an on-screen PDF or the printed page.

Categories of documentation in drawings and specifications

The main communication and dialogue at the beginning of your design project will be conducted through an interactive review of color renders from models and 2D drawings.

The typical 10 page arrangement per topic of the Modern Construction Envelopes textbook will provide the structure for each construction system as set out in the equivalent of the Applications chapter of the Modern Construction Handbook textbook.

In early stages of your project, rendered versions of models, like those shown in the textbook Modern Construction Handbook, will be constructed specifically from scratch for your project. The main focus of these outputs is to show small areas of an assembly, a connection, and a 2D version of a typical bay. This approach will be used for architectural plans and sections, facades, roofs, structure, MEP. The last section, for prototypes, will use the 10 page per topic format of the Modern Construction Envelopes textbook, where assemblies of facades, roofs, structure, MEP are combined and developed as a prototype and as a typical bay.

The organisation of the outputs as ‘chapters’ will be based on the Modern Construction Handbook, as follows, with the ‘added value’ to you, as Client, written beneath each title in the list below:

1. Procurement of material systems:

The ability of Newtecnic to obtain costs from contractors.

2. Structural systems:

The ability to develop and deploy Newtecnic technology.

3. Facade systems:

The ability to develop and deploy Newtecnic technology.

4. Roof systems:

The ability to develop and deploy Newtecnic technology.

5. Environmental control systems:

The ability to develop and deploy Newtecnic technology.

6. Application of systems across project:

The ability to deploy high-level design and analysis skills.

7. Validation of design through prototyping:

The ability to deploy Newtecnic research and prototyping skills.

The Newtecnic experience for you as Client

The current emerging trend in client relations is that of ‘experience’ as the next step beyond ‘services’ which was, previously, the step on from manufactured ‘goods’.

An essential aspect of interaction within the Newtecnic experience will be the use of dashboards in communicating the development of the project design on a day by day basis, with user interface ‘panels’ changing as the designs develop through all aspects of the design. This experience will be underpinned by movies of fly-thrus and rotating models of assemblies of panels, typical bays and complete parts of the building within a virtual reality environment.

Your customer experience will always be aimed to be consistent across the full extent of the project.

Using your time, as Client, as effectively as possible

The Newtecnic experience will allow you, as Client, to focus on your own needs rather than spending time chasing Newtecnic for outputs, and chasing responses and outputs from your requests.

Empowering you, as Client, in a learning relationship

The aim in using virtual reality (VR) tools will be to empower you, as Client, to enter into a learning relationship with Newtecnic: we will learn, and you, as Client, will also acquire the knowledge and understanding you will need to benefit from our expertise.

The interaction of Newtecnic and you, as Client, in preparing the building for long-term use

The firm will provide a full maintenance manual for the cleaning and periodic overhaul of assemblies.

This manual will be more than a set of catalogues and technical brochures provided by manufacturers of the main assemblies in the building. The Newtecnic manual will be a ‘user guide’ to the building in use, as you would expect from a sophisticated project that will require maintenance and care. Your project will be a combination of large-scale products, using the principle of mass customisation in the fabrication of assemblies used to construct and service the project.

Your Client-focused user guide will also be a technical manual that will set out the components and assemblies used in the project. This aim will be achieved by extensive use of the 3D views, 2D drawings and descriptions of the systems that will comprise the project, and how to maintain them. Your Client-focused user guide will be produced either as a printed book or as a website-based app. The user guide will actually be the final version of the primary output and tool for interaction with you during both the design and construction stages.

An additional task for Newtecnic: Media support for your project

A key component to be added to your vision of his project will be to provide media support for your vision and accomplishments, based on the ability of members of the Newtecnic to deliver presentations, lectures and progress updates to the media, both as written texts for others to deliver and for them to deliver on your behalf.